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How Much in Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Benefits Are Drivers Entitled To?

In Florida, your personal injury protection auto insurance provides you with up to $10,000 coverage in the event of a motor vehicle accident, regardless of fault. This does not necessarily mean that you will be entitled to the full $10,000, however. Your case will be assessed, and a benefit amount decided on, based on the circumstances surrounding your claim.

If no emergency medical condition exists, for example, your PIP benefit may be limited to only $2,500. And of course, drivers can elect to purchase more in coverage that the state-mandated $10,000 minimum.

When PIP benefits kick in and coverages available

When you receive medical treatment within 14 days of a motor vehicle accident, PIP covers up to 80% of reasonable medical costs. These may include ambulatory services, diagnostics, surgery, medication, rehabilitation, and hospitalization.

Your insurance may also cover expenses that are deemed medically necessary, such as mileage or transportation costs to and from medical appointments. It is important to speak with your insurer about the necessary paperwork to be completed to ensure your eligibility for these entitlements.

In the event that you are unable to work as a result of your accident, PIP may cover up to 60% of lost income, with 100% of utilities eligible to be covered.

In the event of a fatality, your personal injury insurance will also pay a $5,000 death benefit, in addition to the $10,000 coverage amount.

Additionally, passengers in your car, including children and family, are also covered under your PIP insurance policy. If your passenger is not related to you, they would be covered by either a relative that they reside with who has a PIP policy, or your policy.

If you are a pedestrian or cyclist who is injured in a motor vehicle accident, you may also be eligible for a claim of up to $10,000. 


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