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  • Testimonial Img - RitaRita

    Craig Goldenfarb was honest and compassionate with me.

    "What made me feel good is when [Craig Goldenfarb] mentioned his mom went to law school, and I thought he must be very close with her. And I liked that about him. My thing with him was trust. He was so honest and compassionate with me.
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  • Testimonial Img - ShellyShelly

    They worked so hard on my behalf.

    "After my accident, I felt a lot of comfort knowing that I could get back to work and back to my life, knowing that someone was advocating on behalf of me. A colleague at work had recommended me to this firm, and I'm so happy I called. They worked so hard on my behalf.
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  • Testimonial Img - HaroldHarold

    Do yourself a favor and call Craig Goldenfarb.

    "After my accident, I couldn't do anything any more. I can't cut my grass, take care of my pool, or play golf anymore. Dealing with the insurance companies is a terrible - you don't know what you are doing. Do yourself a favor and call Craig Goldenfarb's office. This guy is a straight shooter. I would absolutely recommended him to anybody that needs a lawyer.
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  • Testimonial - Gwen - HeadshotGwen (Video)

    When I recommend somebody, I only recommend the best. And I recommend Craig Goldenfarb.

    "It's really scary when you're in an accident, especially when it's not even your fault. So to find someone like Craig Goldenfarb to help me get my life back on track has been an immense blessing. When I recommend someone to somebody, I only recommend the best. And I would absolutely recommend Craig Goldenfarb to anybody.
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  • Testimonial Img-MurielMuriel

    I would describe the process as a relief and a weight off my shoulders.

    "My boyfriend and I were t-boned by a driver who wasn't paying attention. All I remember is being tossed around in the passenger seat. It was terrifying. I began to seek medical treatment, and someone who had seen my type of injuries before recommended that I call Craig Goldenfarb. I didn't call right away; but a few weeks later, I began to receive things in the mail from the insurance company, and that's when I thought it was time to call. Now that my case is resolved, I would describe the whole experience as a relief, thanks to Craig Goldenfarb.
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  • Testimonial Img - JeanJean

    I needed to protect myself, and that's why I called Craig Goldenfarb's office.

    "When I fell and broke my wrist, that seemed like the end of anything I was going to be able to do for the rest of my life. My daughter said, 'Mom, don't feel bad for yourself. You need a lawyer to protect you.' She was right. That's why I called Craig Goldenfarb's office.
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  • Larry (Video)

    Honestly, there is nobody I would recommend more.


    "My overall feeling is, if you have a problem and you need a good attorney... my honest opinion is that there is nobody that I would recommend more than Mr Goldenfarb. The Whole staff works for you and keeps you informed."
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