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Real Client Testimonials & Reviews

With hundreds of personal injury case testimonials and reviews from all over the web, we are proud to highlight some of our happiest clients here. Read below to hear what real clients had to say about their experiences with our firm.

Deborah Jones

Deborah Jones gave us a five star review after we helped with her slip and fall case.

Austin Huebner

Austin Huebner was happy with his settlement and our great service.

Kathleen Jackson

Kathleen Jackson left us a fabulous review after her accident case.

Erick Aguila

Erick Aguila appreciated our dedication to service when we worked on his case.

Hezabia O'Neal

Hezabia O’Neal gave us an amazing review when we helped with her case.

Maureen Miller

Maureen Miller was thrilled with our guidance and assistance after her accident.

Iris Friedman

Iris left a glowing review for our staff after her accident.

Michael Littlejohn

Michael Littlejohn highly recommends us in this five-star review.

Iola McCullough

Iola McCullough praised our staff and service in this glowing review.

Kristina Z.

Kristina Z. wrote a terrific review about our team.

Stacy Sampson

Stacy Sampson left us a wonderful review following her settlement.

Elvin Vega

Elvin Vega is a repeat client at Goldenfarb Law, and he sings our praises on this review.

Pamela McCallister

Pamela McCallister let us know how much she appreciated our help in this great review.

Allison Fitzsimons

Allison Fitzsimons was very pleased with her settlement and gave us five stars in this excellent review.

Sandra Wheeler

Sandra was thrilled with her experience at LOCG. Learn more here.

Alexis Workinger

Alexis Workinger was very pleased with our friendly, helpful staff. Read more here.

Jose Alvarez

Jose Alvarez highly recommends our firm.

Deborah Jones

“I fell in the mall about five years ago. I felt that I had…

Pierre Massena

Pierre was very satisfied with our service, and happy he could get the treatment he needed after his accident. Learn more here.

Artie Lurie

Artie Lurie gave us an A+++ in this wonderful review. Read more here.

Jitendra Shah

Jitendra Shah was very pleased with our staff and service after being injured in a car accident. Read more here.

Jean Robbins

Jean Robbins was happy to have LOCG to protect her after a fall left her injured. Learn more here.

Lu Lu

Lu Lu is a repeat client who highly recommends us. Read more here.

Walter Lopez

Trudy left a glowing review for our law firm, calling the employees at LOCG the “kindest, most caring and truly amazing human beings.”

Cody Woerner

Cody encourages anyone who needs legal help to contact LOCG. Read more here.

Crystal Cherrelle

Crystal Cherrelle wrote a kind review about how much we helped after her accident.

Anita O'Neal

Anita was glad to have LOCG’s help when she was struggling after being hit by a drunk driver. Read more here.

Joy Marie Tramuta

Joy Marie was very pleased with LOCG’s help after her accident. Learn more here.

Lynn Perez

Lynn was impressed with our knowledge and dedication to client service. Learn more here.

Joyce Blackburn

Joyce was pleased with our professionalism and caring after her accident. Learn more here.

Sue C.

Sue was happy to get the treatment she needed after falling in a store. Learn more here.

Jessica Phillips

Jessica Phillips wrote a glowing review of LOCG.

Karl Dierksen

Karl is happy to recommend LOCG to friends and family. Learn more here.

Harmon Garfinkel

Harmon appreciated LOCG’s help after a traumatic car accident. Read more here.

Michelle Winfree

Michelle Winfree left us a great review about our friendly staff.

Tiffany Gary

Tiffany highly recommends LOCG for our professionalism and swift responses. Read more here.

Susan Newall

Susan Newall gave us a glowing review. Read more here.

Amsais Mozar

Amsais Mozar left us a great review about our service.

Debbie Knight

Debbie Knight complimented us on our professionalism in this fantastic review.

Kimberly Love

Kimberly Love wrote this wonderful five star review after her case concluded.

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