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Theresa Gutierrez Killed, Husband Critically Injured by Driver Fleeing Police in Stolen Mercedes

On Friday, January 3, Theresa Gutierrez, 28, died after the driver of a stolen Mercedes struck the car she was riding in.

Miami-Dade Police officials say the tragic accident happened in Northwest Miami-Dade at an intersection near Seventh Avenue and 135th Street. Gutierrez’ husband, 28-year-old Luis Tirado, was driving their vehicle.

A few minutes earlier, officers had spotted a stolen Mercedes Benz and attempted to pull it over. The driver fled from police, and the Mercedes crashed into the vehicle Tirado was driving near the intersection. Tirado was rushed to a local hospital, where he is currently in critical condition. Sadly, Gutierrez was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police say the driver and passenger of the stolen car were arrested, and later taken to a hospital to be treated for their injuries.

“We do want justice done for our little sister and her boyfriend ’cause she will never be back,” said Yasmin San Martin, Gutierrez’ sister.

The family have set up a GoFundMe to pay for Gutierrez’ funeral and other related expenses.

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