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Miami Resident Armas Gallego Killed in Collision with 18-Wheeler

On Thursday, April 25, Miami resident Armas Gallego died after his SUV collided with an 18-wheeler, got stuck under the truck, and was dragged without the truck driver even realizing a collision occurred.

Gallego was driving a 2013 Nissan Rogue northbound on U.S. 27 around 5:51 in the morning. He was at Pines Road in Pembroke Pines when the 2012 Freightliner truck turned into the intersection. The Nissan struck the Freightliner and became stuck under the trailer. Unaware of the collision, the truck’s driver complete the turn and headed south. The truck was south of Pembroke Road in Miramar before the driver realized there was another vehicle stuck under the truck.

Pembroke Pines Police responded to the accident, and Gallego was pronounced dead at the scene, says Sgt. John Baker.

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