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Learn More About Florida’s Boating Accident Laws

According to a report from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Florida leads the nation in registered watercraft vessels, with over 870,000 accounted for in 2014. Unfortunately, because of this, the Sunshine State also leads the nation in boating accidents by a landslide, with nearly 700 unique incidents being reported by recreational vessels in 2014 alone.

If you have been injured or sustained serious property damage in a boating accident, you may be entitled for compensation if you were not at fault. An experienced West Palm Beach boating accident attorney can help you navigate your claim and get you the compensation you deserve.

Ways to Avoid a Boating Accident

Boating accidents, much like car or truck accidents, can cause significant damage and even serious injuries to those involved. Additionally, since these accidents occur over water, a boating accident also incurs the additional risk of death via drowning or disappearance. The responsibility is on boat owners to operate their vehicles in a way that ensures the safety of themselves and other boaters around them.

Here are a few tips to avoid a boating accident:

  • Do not operate your vessel without a Florida boating license
  • Do not operate your vessel while drunk or otherwise intoxicated
  • Do not operate your vessel at night without proper lights and visual aids
  • Ensure your vessel’s maintenance is up to date and fit for use
  • Obey all posted speed limits in harbors, near shores, and indicated by law enforcement
  • Do not send text messages or use your cell phone to make calls while operating your vessel
  • Do not operate your vessel recklessly or with wanton regard

If the worst should happen and you are involved with an accident, make sure you seek medical attention immediately if necessary, follow all laws regarding boating accidents (including filing an accident report), and contact a skilled boating accident lawyer. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Craig Goldenfarb, P.A. all have at least 20 years of experience practicing personal injury law, and can provide you with the reputable legal counsel you need to help recover your claim.

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