Automobile Accidents

We handle all kinds of automobile accidents. Florida is the third most populous state in the nation, with South Florida being one of it’s most read-congested regions. Our personal injury law firm represented clients injured in auto crashes, which may include:

  • Rearenders
  • Hit & run crashes
  • DUI crashes (in which our client is hit by a DUI driver)
  • Distracted driver crashes
  • Multiple-car pileups
  • Surface-road impacts
  • Turnpike and I-95 (interstate) crashes
  • Crashes involving Uber or Lyft drivers
  • Crashes in which you are the passenger (not the driver)
  • Crashes in which you were the driver of another person’s passenger vehicle

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Trucking Accidents

South Florida is a major through-way for commercial and industrial trucks and semi-tractor trailers. With some of the east coast’s largest shipping ports in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Palm Beach, millions of tons of goods are transported via I-95 every single day of the year. It’s a fact of life that we share the highways with these massive machines.

In 2016, we wrote an in-depth article on the subject of why highway trucking deaths are on the rise, and what the public can do about it.

Our law firm has represented the surviving families of loved ones who were lost in crashes involving large commercial trucks. We have a skilled team of litigators that aren’t afraid to take on the big cases, and have the resources to prepare and go to trial on behalf of our victim’s families.

Learn more about our personal injury legal services for victims of trucking accidents.

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Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists, and drivers on other recreation and two or three-wheeled transportation vehicles are particularly vulnerable on the streets of South Florida. Due to their size in comparison with other vehicles on the road, a motorcycle crash with another passenger vehicle or truck can easily turn fatal, or leave significant permanent injury.

Unfortunately, motorcyclists often fall in the “blind spot” for drivers. That’s the area out of the immediate purview of the driver of a vehicle while he is operating the vehicle normally, using the rear and side mirrors to check his surroundings. Add to that the fact that motorcycles are effectively silenced from the drivers perspective, it’s easy to see why these accidents pose such extensive risk to riders.

Florida is one of the few “no helmet” laws, which only require riders under certain circumstances to be wearing a helmet while operating a vehicle. We have represented hundreds of motorcycle crash victims. Read more about how we help these clients here.

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Pedestrian Accidents

Like motorcyclists, pedestrians in Florida are particularly vulnerable when involved in any motor vehicle accident. The human body is simply too fragile to survive a collision with an automobile.

Florida has several important laws in place to protect pedestrians from negligent or errant drivers and their victims.

For one, Florida has the “Move Over” law, which requires drivers to merge to the left when approaching a stranded or stopped vehicle. The goal is to require drivers to create a one-lane buffer between their vehicle, and the stopped vehicle, and of course, any pedestrians who may be present. We often see this on Florida’s highways, and thanks to many years of public outreach, the Move Over campaign has been mostly successful in saving pedestrian lives.

In Florida, it’s also state law that drivers stop for pedestrians to let them cross when they are in or near the crosswalk. This has been important in cutting down the pedestrian-involved traffic fatalities in areas when a high-concentration of pedestrians exists alongside road traffic, such as various municipal downtown areas, and along the coastal beaches.

Unfortunately, pedestrian accidents still occur, often as a result of careless or distracted drivers who aren’t paying attention to the road in areas where pedestrians are common. Read more on how we fight for the rights of pedestrians who are involved in auto accidents.

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Other Injuries Involving Transportation Crashes and Incidents

Auto accidents, trucking, motorcycle, and pedestrian accidents are the only examples of personal injury cases our law firm is prepared to handle.

We have successfully litigates cases for clients involving bicycle-motor vehicle crashes, boating and jet-ski crashes, recreational vehicle crashes, and aviation disasters.

Further, we have extensive experience managing injury cases involving phantom vehicles (hit-and-runs), and crashes involving passengers on public transit, including BrightLine, Tri-Rail, and the PalmTran buses. Use the links to the right to learn more.

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