Southern Florida is the scene of many amusement park injuries every year. Carnivals and theme parks designed to entertain, delight, and thrill can unwittingly place you and your family at risk for horrendous accidents. While it’s true that reputable parks do focus on safety, gaps in these safety processes can and do cause accidents—often on the most surprising rides and under the most unexpected of circumstances.

How do you know whether the amusement park injury that you sustained resulted from a staff member’s carelessness or negligence, or from an engineering or structural defect?

Alternatively, what if you played some role in what happened? Perhaps you drank alcohol before going on a ride, or you entered a prohibited area of the park. Perhaps you feel ashamed by what happened, or maybe you are too injured to focus on your legal rights.

Theme Park Injury Victims: Protect Your Rights

The sooner you get help from a reputable West Palm Beach personal injury lawyer, the better. Whether you suffered a concussion on a rollercoaster or bumper car ride, twisted your knee walking on a slick surface next to a waterslide, or suffered a fall, time is of the essence. A reputable amusement park accident lawyer will investigate the accident, help you understand who or what is responsible, and develop a battle plan so that you can obtain proper compensation and justice.

Amusement Park Accidents Are Not Always Catastrophic

The most recognized amusement park injuries are those that appeal to the press and the tabloids. Stories of rollercoaster riders being hurled off a coaster mid-loop or of coasters careening off the track leave devastating injuries; however, these types of accidents are, thankfully, not common. Legally actionable accidents are generally far more mundane, but not less serious. For instance, a forgotten “walk with care, slippery floor” sign may lead to a broken bone, concussion, or contusion.

Putting the Pieces Together—A Strategy That Works

The team of West Palm Beach personal injury lawyers at the Law Offices of Craig Goldenfarb has the track record, legal understanding, investigative resources, and passion for justice to get you the results that you want. Our Florida amusement park accident lawyers know how to apply state personal injury laws to help our clients win cases and hold amusement park management, ride operators, and engineering firms accountable for misjudgments, negligence, and general carelessness.

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