Been burned by a lawyer? You might have a legal malpractice case

We represent individuals in legal malpractice claims

When you hire an attorney, you expect him or her to keep your best interests in mind, and to guide you through difficult legal matters. After all, the law has high ethical standards. But what happens when that lawyer turns out to be negligent in representing you and you suffer financially? A potential for recovery under Florida’s legal malpractice statutes.

This is a little-known area of personal injury law, and for good reason – lawyers don’t like to sue other lawyers. So as a victim, you need to find a legal malpractice lawyers who is willing to take a tough stance against the malpractice of other lawyers – and in Palm Beach County, that lawyer is Craig Goldenfarb.

Read a little more about legal malpractice and why it’s important for you and your family to know it exists below.

Most Common Florida Legal Malpractice Claims

Legal malpractice can happen to anyone who hires an attorney who turns out to be unethical or negligent in his duties. Some of the more common mistakes that occur in legal malpractice cases include:

  • Missing the statute of limitations, leaving you without any way to pursue injury or death claims
  • Placing his or her personal interests ahead of yours, affecting the outcome of your case
  • Collecting attorney’s fees without doing the required work or using funds inappropriately
  • Failing to respond to motions or attend court hearings when required
  • Making or creating serious errors during trial
  • Failing to investigate your legal matters fully

The Law Offices of Craig Goldenfarb, P.A. takes the ethics of the law seriously and believes you deserve to be treated fairly, and that your legal needs come first. Our West Palm Beach legal malpractice attorney believes you deserve better than representation from attorneys who do not perform their duties as they should. This is why we have no problem going after unethical or negligent attorneys who harm their clients’ interests.

An Attorney’s mistake can seriously impact your life for years. We can help you recover money for your attorney’s errors.

If you believe your attorney has acted negligently or unethically with your case, please contact the Law Offices of Craig Goldenfarb, P.A. for a free initial consultation.

You can consult with a West Palm Beach legal malpractice lawyer by calling 561-444-4440. Your call is free and we only collect fees or costs for the firm if we are able to recover compensation for your losses.

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