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Human Trafficking Victim’s Rights Attorney

Representing the survivors of the sex trade

As personal injury lawyers, it is our job to protect the rights of those who have been victimized or injured both mentally and physically, to help them secure the medical, emotional, and psychological treatment and financial security our clients need to recover and move forward. In no other practice area is this a greater responsibility than the work we do on behalf of human trafficking and sex trade victims.

The sex trade is a disgusting reality we live with here in Palm Beach County. It is estimated that Florida ranks third in the nation for suspected human trafficking and criminal sex trade cases, with Palm Beach ranking as the third most common county for these horrendous cases in Florida.

In 2016, the Palm Beach County Human Trafficking Task Force was formed as a partnership between the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office (PBSO) and victims’ support organizations to identify, dismantle, and prosecute human trafficking. Those who could face criminal charges and prosecution for human trafficking crimes include the managers of the women (“traffickers”), and the males who participate in the sex acts (“johns”). Most recently in February of 2019, the Task Force brought down the Jupiter Day Spa sex trafficking ring that found billionaire Patriots owner Robert Kraft and former Citigroup President John Havens both charged with soliciting prostitution.

Often, the criminal court system is emotionally daunting for victims. Years of psychological and physical abuse will inevitably make the prosecution a grueling and exhausting process. The victim is often asked to face their accuser, making an already difficult situation even tougher.

What our injury lawyers can do for human trafficking victims

There is a separate process from the criminal side of the case – and that is civil justice. The civil case means that we are the attorneys who bring a negligence claim, often against a motel, strip club, massage parlor, or any other location where trafficking occurred on the victim’s behalf for monetary compensation. Winning a monetary award in court is not going to reverse the severe trauma a sex trafficking victim sustained at the hands of their abusers, but it will help to pay for future mental health services, and to financially help the victim create a better future.

When a person hires our firm, here’s what we promise:

  • 100% confidentiality guaranteed by attorney-client privilege
  • We come to you, whether it is an in-home consultation or a consultation at a “safe” place, such as a victims’ services facility
  • No fees or costs charged for us to get started working on your case
  • We do NOT sue the accused trafficker – we make an insurance claim against the premises where the abuse occurred
  • We will NEVER charge an attorney fee or costs if we do not recover compensation for the victim

If you or someone you know has been victimized by human trafficking, give us a call today at 561-444-4440 to schedule a private, confidential, and free consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a human trafficking personal injury case?

    Personal injury law firms like ours identify and sue hotels, strip clubs, massage parlors, or other businesses for allowing sex trafficking to occur, in civil court for negligence. We often assert that the owner knew that sex trafficking was occurring on the premises.

  • Who are the Defendants in a human trafficking case?

    Usually, the Defendants in human trafficking cases we handle are the businesses themselves. Many of these businesses that are involved in criminal sex trade rings are fully aware, or should have been aware, of what is happening. When we can prove that they were aware, we have a valid case to pursue.

  • Do these cases usually go to trial?

    In about 95% of our cases, we recover compensation for the victim without the need for a trial. There is no need to concern yourself or your victim with the fear of ever having to face the abuser, as the abuser is not the focus of our case.

  • Will the victim ever have to face the trafficker in the civil case?

    The process to hire our law firm to make a negligence claim on behalf of the victim(s) is simple, confidential, and above all else, safe. The privacy of the victim is protected by attorney-client privilege from the moment you call our law firm.

    A phone call during which we receive some basic facts about your potential case is the fastest way to begin the process. If we feel that we can help, we will schedule an in-person interview with the victim to begin the sign-up process. This is a confidential meeting, and it can happen anywhere the victim feels most safe.

    The process of recovering insurance proceeds on behalf of our client is a long one, but in the end, we only earn our attorney’s fees and costs if we win a settlement that is beneficial to the client.

  • How do I begin the process?

    Very often, our law firm will sue the Defendant’s insurance company. Because the Defendants are very often businesses like seedy motels, strip clubs, and day spas, the business may carry a substantial liability insurance policy. These are the monies that we seek to recover for our clients. In rare circumstances, we may sue the individual business owner if we can prove that they were negligent and that they are considerably wealthy. Otherwise, we usually only try to pursue the insurance companies.

  • Can I refer a victim to your law firm?

    Absolutely! We can provide confidentiality to ensure the victim’s safety from her abusers. We can also assure you that we take the time to care with these sensitive cases. We have a team of dedicated, trauma-informed, professional paralegals and attorneys we refer to as the “Critical Case” team, which exclusively handles these delicate matters, and who are specifically trained to do so.

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