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To arrange or settle by discussion and mutual agreement; in a personal injury case, negations are common. Negotiations take place between the plaintiff (usually the accident attorney, or injured person directly) and the insurance adjuster. Negotiating to reach a final settlement is a back-and-forth type of bargaining in order to reach an agreed upon amount the injured person will take and the insurance company will pay. Both parties know roughly how much the claim is worth (if both parties are being honest and realistic with themselves). The injured person/attorney knows how much they are willing to take for the case, and the insurance adjuster knows how much they are willing to pay. However, neither side knows how much the other side is willing to actually pay or receive. This is where negotiating, the process of testing each other back-and-forth, takes place. Usually, the plaintiff starts high and the insurance company starts low, so that the middle ground can be reached.

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