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Tow Truck Driver Killed by Semi-Truck

  • Recovered: $6,500,000


For the family of life-long tow truck driver “K.T.”, a nightmare that was once unfathomable became a reality in an instant.

Growing up, K.T.’s father had been a tow truck driver, and as a kid, he dreamed of being just like dad – spending his days helping stranded motorists get back on the road.

Tragically, in the early morning hours of June 18th, 2014, K.T. was killed after being struck by a passing tractor-trailer while he was helping a motorist in need who had broken down on a stretch of I-95, in St. Augustine, Florida.

At the time of the collision, K.T. had his tow truck pulled to the side of the southbound lane, just in front of the customer’s disabled vehicle, with his emergency signals and “antler” lights on and flashing.

Immediately following the collision, the driver of the tractor-trailer can be overheard on the 911 call saying, “I didn’t even seen him [K.T.] standing there!” The driver failed to follow Florida’s “Move Over” Law, which requires drivers to change lanes to the left when approaching an emergency vehicle with its lights on.

K.T. left behind a beloved wife and three young sons. The family hired our law firm the day after the accident, and immediately, Mr. Goldenfarb immersed himself in the matter. A $6.5 million settlement with the trucking company’s insurers was reached after Mr. Goldenfarb hired an expert to reconstruct how the accident occurred. The settlement included guaranteed funds for each of the three boys to pay for their educations.

We recognize that no amount of money could replace K.T. However, hopefully, the recovery will give this family the peace of mind they need to try to move on.

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