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Premises Liability Significant Results

Ng, Sandi v. Wal-Mart Verdict

  • Recovered: $500,672


Sandi Ng was shopping with her daughter at Walmart when she unexpectedly encountered a puddle of water in an aisle.  She was unable to see it, and as a result she slipped and fell, severely injuring her back.  Store surveillance video showed a small girl playing in the water a full 45 minutes before our client’s fall, as well as numerous Walmart employees walking by the spilled water and not cleaning it up.

At trial, Walmart attempted to argue that the spill had occurred just minutes before Mrs. Ng’s fall.  Mrs. Ng had to undergo numerous injections, attempts at burning the nerves in her spine to stop the pain, and eventually a low back fusion surgery.

The awarded Mrs. Ng a favorable verdict: $365,672 for past medical damages and $135,000 for futures damages, a total of $500,672.

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