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Iris Friedman

A planned evening with friends ends abruptly with a scary fall.

Featured Premises Liability

Iris Friedman

Iris Friedman was heading out for an evening on the town with friends when she slipped and fell on slick concrete from a slight rain that caused her to fall directly onto her knee, shattering the bones. “I shattered my knee, I shattered my evening, and shattered my life”, she says. She wasn’t getting better, and the pain wasn’t going away.

Finally, she decided to call a personal injury law firm for help, and chose Craig Goldenfarb’s office to represent her. “I called, and everything that happened after that was just wonderful”, Iris says. She says Jorge Maxion, Esq., her attorney, is a fabulous man. She especially appreciates that he and his team, Celina Brito and Kurt Lomba, were respectful and never late to an appointment. “I’ve had other attorneys for other things, but never ever as good as this.”

Thank you for offering to tell your story, Ms. Friendman. It was a pleasure to serve you!

“I shattered my evening, and shattered my life.”

  • Date

    March 26, 2017

  • Case Type:

    Premises Case

  • Recovery Amount:


Iris Freidman - Real Client Photo
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