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About Craig Goldenfarb, Esq.

Craig Goldenfarb, Esq. is the founder and owner of the Law Offices of Craig Goldenfarb, P.A. in West Palm Beach. Mr. Goldenfarb has exclusively practiced plaintiff personal injury law since 1995. Mr. Goldenfarb handles cases involving wrongful death, nursing home abuse, AED litigation, and other catastrophic injury cases.

A bicyclist in Broward County was killed after being struck by a county bucket truck, highlighting the dangers cyclists face, and how a law firm can help.

Valery Jo Rintamaki, 58, and her two grandsons, Tristan and Skyler Prestano, were killed when an Amtrak train struck their vehicle at an ungated crossing on Beeline Highway, signaling the need for better safety standards at the crossing.

A driver was arrested on DUI manslaughter charges and striking and killing 17-year-old bicyclist Sophie Delott in Pinellas County.

Another shooting at the Palm Groves Apartments in West Palm Beach over the weekend has left two men dead and another injured. Victim’s families may have a valid lawsuit to file against the owners of the apartment complex for negligent or inadequate security.

This long-form article, published in several legal journals, is authored by Craig M. Goldenfarb, Esq., personal injury attorney and expert litigator in use and non-use of automated external defibrillator (AED) in public places. It explains the history of AEDs, a look into future case law, and why people should not be afraid to use AEDs to save lives. Mr. Goldenfarb is the preeminent national thought-leader on litigation involving AEDs.

Reports are surfacing that 2017 was a deadly year for railroad deaths in South Florida, and our firm handled several of those cases. With the high-speed rail Brighline coming on full service from Miami to West Palm, the problem is expected to get worse.

A 4-year old boy died as the result of a near-drowning in a Greenacres pool, and this incident in particular proves that it’s not always the parent’s fault.

The owner of the apartment complex at University House Apartments could be held liable for negligence for the death of Ian Burns, a UF student who fell to his death from a balcony Saturday.

Shocking details are being released from officials in Hollywood, Florida, which became the scene of national scrutiny this morning as local reports reveal at least eight elderly patients of the Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills nursing facility are confirmed dead. The bodies were discovered by local police and emergency officials responding to calls for help…