Wrongful Death

A wrongful death can have a devastating impact on surviving friends and family of the deceased. The grieving process is complicated when the death is caused unnaturally, or due to an accident or an otherwise seemingly preventable mistake or negligence.

Families often require a great deal of time to adjust emotionally. Additionally, when the loved one was the primary source of financial support for the family, this process is exacerbated and can feel extremely overwhelming. Our lawyers consider potential wrongful death cases with precision and care. We will only take a case in which our lawyers feel confident they can thoroughly investigate the cause of the circumstance to isolate and hold accountable the negligent parties that contributed to the tragic outcome.

Our team of trusted attorneys has extensive experience recovering compensation on behalf of the loved ones who have suffered losses from wrongful death tragedies. That’s why we have created the “Critical Case” department in our law firm. Led personally by Craig Goldenfarb, Esq., the Critical Case team is comprised of seasoned paralegal and legal assistants who understand the monumental challenges a wrongful death case poses.

If you are someone you know needs help with a wrongful death case, do not hesitate to request a free, confidential in-person consultation with Mr. Craig Goldenfarb, Esq. Click to call now: 561-444-4440.

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Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect

Nursing Home Cases Involving COVID19 – Click Here

Reports are now coming out that certain facilities in Florida knew that patients were coming down with COVID19, and negligently and knowingly failed to adequately respond. Many facilities have failed to provide for even the most basic protections and needs of those in their care, including a failure to provide personal protective equipment (PPE) to staff and residents and a complete disregard for testing, diagnosing, and isolating infected patients. Further, some facilities intentionally hid or manipulated their infection rates from family members and State authorities in an attempt to cover their negligent actions.

As a direct result, thousands of nursing home and assisted living patients across the state have become ill and/or died from exposure to COVID19 that should have been prevented. As of June 2020, it is estimated that half of Florida’s death toll from COVID19 is attributable to these abhorrent facility operators.

These facilities and their staff must be help legally responsible for the patients in their care who suffered or passed as a result of COVID19 infection. Do not let this multi-billion dollar industry get away with this. If you or someone you know has been exposed to COVID19 in a nursing home, rehab center, or assisted living facility, please call our office immediately at 561-444-4440. Time is of the essence in these cases.

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities have the duty to properly care for their guests, ensuring their safety and dignified treatment. However, not all facilities and staff deliver the standard duty of care. When a nurse or staff members fails to follow the proper standard of care, abuse or neglect can occur.

Patients who are mistreated or neglected can easily result in permanent injury or death. If harm transpires due to the negligence of a nursing home or care facility, the victim or surviving family may be entitled to compensation for the losses or damages suffered. We have represented many victims of nursing home abuse and neglect and our experience with these cases provide us with the knowledge of how to maximize the probability of getting the best results for our clients.

These types of cases are handled by our Critical Case team. Sometimes, our team of excellent attorneys and paralegals may determine that it is necessary or beneficial for our team to take your case directly into litigation.

If you suspect nursing home abuse, call our law firm right away for a free, confidential consultation at 561-444-4440.

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